USSA Alpine Masters ACE Scoring - Issues and Ideas

USSA Alpine Masters ACE Scoring - Ver. 4.0.5 (09-Mar-2003)

Issues, known problems, enhancement ideas, and possible areas of future rework.

Known Problems

Race Result Editor lets you correct competitor's name or age class once race results have been imported from the timing system data, but doesn't currently provide any UI for correcting a competitor's time. This is infrequent, but occasionally necessary to go back in and patch up incorrect results data.

Manual workaround: Close the ACE Scoring tools. Using a standard text editor, open the race results data file in the working set ResultsData subdirectory (file name of the form yyyymmdd-Location-Discipline.csv), find the line containing the competitor's results, and edit it manually. Then you need to run ACES again, open the Race Result Editor, and dummy in a NOP change to make it look like something changed so that the results data (world cup and race points) willl be recalculated.

Need a Find operation so you can search for text in the timing data pane of the import tools. Although specific error lines are selected and highlighted where possible when problems occur during an import operation, it's too hard to work with in other situations when you need to locate a problem entry in the timing data input file. Right now you have to scroll around and hunt through the not-easily-readable text if you're trying to locate someone (e.g., to deal with a duplicte bib number problem).

Observed while testing racer list editing in the FW version of the scoring tools; does not seem to be a problem in other configurations. Edit a racer entry in which both FW and national class are defined and change the national class to UNK. The gender seems to get scrambled when the changes are saved - if you reopen the edit dialog after saving the changes the racer's national age class has incorrect gender (and the backing data is indeed incorrect at this point). Low priority - changing an age class from known to unknown is not something you actually do in practice.

Ideas for Future Improvements

This section discusses ideas for improvements and possible areas of likely rework to address deficiencies or awkward areas in the current implementation. Need some better racer list management policy options for matching/merging racer imports and specifying whether race bibs should be consistent or should be automatically mapped into something suitable in the series racer list. There's still too much manual verifying and resolving when working on a race series where racers have different bibs in the races of the event. The Import Racers operation currently only supports loading racer info from a USSA SkiData format. Enhance this so that data in a CSV format file can also be imported (as is allowed when loading race results data). Will likely require some rethinking and refactoring of column spec organization in the ConfigurationSettings directory and definition of additional reserved column names to identify the significant values (e.g., USSANumber ). Current sort options are provided by a set of radio buttons and do not allow for all columns. Provide a UI so that you can click on any column header in the racer list table and get a sort option for ascending/descending sort on that column. Need to add a Find operation, similar to what's provided in the Racer List Editor, so it's easy to locate competitor entries when you're editing a race results data file from the Race Scoring Tool.

Scoring options in the Season Standings Tool have some parameterization options though the working set configuration settings (the WorkingSetSettings.ini file). Could probably use some additional infrastructure work in this area and possibly addition of greater flexibility by allowing users to specify some paramaters directly in the scoring tool when running a scoring computation.

There's currently an option supported in the working set configuration settings (the WorkingSetSettings.ini file) to allow users to control whether the scoring data XML files used for report generation are retained (default is false). Should probably add some additional configuration options to allow similar control over which files are archived for historical/backup purposes in the TimingDataImports folder when race results are imported.

Add a division summary section to the report which breaks out total points by discipline. Interesting way to look at strengths and weaknesses of each division.
(suggested by Esther DelliQuadri - RA, Winter Park 2002 nationals)

Contact Information

Deb Lewis
Director of Race Services and Scoring, Far West Masters

Last update: 09-Mar-2003