USSA Masters ACE Scoring

The USSA Alpine Masters ACE Scoring (ACES) software is provided for use by USSA masters race organizers and USSA masters divisions to automate race results reporting and provide event/series/season scoring for USSA alpine masters ski competitions.

ACE Scoring supports race standings and event/series scoring in any of several different masters age class systems:

Race results reporting features computing standings in a variety of interesting organizations (by age class, by gender, overall), with race points calculated appropriately for the competitor groupings. Event scoring can be done using the results of multiple races (e.g., a multi-discipline event such as a regional or national championship or over the course of an entire season for a division calendar). Event scoring can use any of a number of scoring formulas based on time, race points, or world cup points scoring systems.

Visit the Downloads page for installation instructions and links to downloads the ACES software and scoring data. The Documentation page includes a complete online copy of the ACES documentation which is installed with software, including a description of the various scoring formulas supported by the software and the data interchange formats which can be used to load race data into scoring system.

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Technology Notes

The ACE Scoring (ACES) program is a desktop application written in the JavaTM programming language. The Java Standard Edition (J2SETM platform is an application environment which is is supported on a number of operating systems (Windows, Unix, Mac). See Sun's J2SE web site for further information.

In addition to the cross-system portability provided by the Java runtime platform, ACES makes use of the latest internet technologies such as XML, XSLT, and XSL-FO to provide flexible and powerful solutions for USSA alpine masters competition scoring. Open-source software components from the Apache software foundation ( and ( are used to leverage existing technology solutions whereever possible.

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Links and Contacts

USSA - US Ski Association (links to timing software and points list downloads)
US Ski Association - Alpine Masters - masters section
Far West Masters - Race Services - Far West Masters (see Race Services section for timing and scoring support) - Race Operations - USSA Masters documentation - links to USSA services, docs on Split Second and procedures
Split Second - provider of the standard USSA alpine timing software

Contact Information

Deb Lewis
Director of Race Services and Scoring, Far West Masters

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