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The USSA Alpine Masters ACE Scoring (ACES) software is provided for use by USSA masters race organizers and USSA masters divisions to automate race results reporting and provide event/series/season scoring for USSA alpine masters ski competitions.

ACE Scoring Software
Sample Scoring Data
Scoring Data
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ACE Scoring Software

*****IMPORTANT: Windows installer is no longer available for the current 2017 season R6.7x ACES releases.
Patch update delta for upgrading a 2016 R.6.x installation is provided or a zip file for a clean install of ACES R6.7x for 2017.

To install the current release: download the Windows installer program install.exe using the link below and execute it (double-click on the downloaded file in Windows).

Install the current release on Windows or Mac: download and unpack

Update instructions for advanced users: if you have previously installed the ACES 6.72 software for the 2016 season and you understand unpacking .zip files, you can download a smaller .zip file containing just the delta of changed files relative to the previous build and copy it in over your existing ACEScoring directory to update only the changed files in your existing installation.

*****IMPORTANT: When installing the patch update to drop in new aces.jar in the ProgramFiles/lib directory, you ***MUST REMOVE xalan.jar*** from the lib directory as well - on Java 1.5 or newer, this supporting xml jar is no longer needed and when present causes report generation to fail.

Build Notes - release notes and information on recent modifications

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Sample Scoring Data

Several sample race series data sets provided if you would like to try out the scoring software and work through some simple examples of loading race results and computing event standings.

To install the sample race series, download the .zip file containng the sample race series data sets and unpack it into your ACEScoring installation directory. Several race series folders will be added under the ACESData data directory. A description of the sample data sets is included which explains what is provided and suggests some exercises you can try.

After downloading and unpacking the sample data, run the ACE Scoring software and use the File/Open command to open one of the sample race series. Now you can use the sample setup and the timing data that is provided with that example to work through the process of loading race results data and generate scoring reports.

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Scoring Data

Regional and National EventsDivision Events
2006-2007 Events (results to date)
2007 National Championships (Big Sky) 2007 Far West division events (as of 25-Mar-2007)
2007 National Speed Series 2007 Intermountain division events
2007 Western Regionals (Vail)  
2007 Eastern Regionals (Sunday River)  
2005-2006 Events
2006 National Championships (Sunday River) 2006 Far West division events
2006 Molecule F National Speed Series 2006 Intermountain division events (initial setup)
2006 Skier's Edge Western Regionals (Park City)  
2006 Skier's Edge Eastern Regionals (Sugarbush)  
2004-2005 Events
2005 National Championships (Big Sky) 2005 Far West division events
2005 Molecule F National Speed Series 2005 Intermountain division events
2005 International Masters Criterium (Sun Valley)  
2005 Bula-Molecule F Eastern Regionals (Sugarbush)  
2005 Bula-Molecule F Western Regionals (Mammoth)  
2003-2004 Events
2004 National Championships (Aspen) 2003-2004 Far West division events
2004 Molecule F National Speed Series [2003-2004 Intermountain division events - contact Shawn Ackerman]
2004 Bula-Molecule F Eastern Regionals (Sugarbush)  
2004 Bula-Molecule F Western Regionals (Big Sky)  
2002-2003 Events
2003 National Championships (Park City) 2002-2003 Far West division events
2003 Molecule F National Speed Series [2002-2003 Intermountain division events - contact Shawn Ackerman]
2003 International Masters (Vail) 2002-2003 Rocky Mountain division events (season calendar setup)
2003 Bula-Molecule F Eastern Regionals  
2003 Bula-Molecule F Western Regionals  
2001-2002 Events
2002 National Championships (Winter Park) 2001-2002 Far West division events
2002 Regional and National events
(eastern/western regionals, speed series, Winter Park nationals)
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Links and Contacts

USSA - US Ski Association (links to timing software and points list downloads)
US Ski Association - Alpine Masters - masters section
Far West Masters - Far West Masters (see Race Services section for timing and scoring support)
Split Second - provider of the standard USSA alpine timing software

Contact Information

Deb Lewis
Director of Race Services and Scoring, Far West Masters

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