USSA Alpine Masters ACE Scoring - User's Guide


The ACE Scoring software allow you to process alpine ski competition race results data to produce race results in a variety of forms of interest to masters competitors and to automate special event scoring such as combined events based on world cup or race points scoring systems. Race data is organized by the calendar for a race series, which may be a specific event such as a regional or national championship or may be a a larger scale series such as the season race calendar organized by a USSA masters division.

USSA Alpine Masters ACE Scoring Overview provides an overview of the ACE Scoring software and how it fits into the larger picture of race operations and timing.

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Alpine Competition Event Scoring

Alpine ski competitions are scored using a variety of formulas. A particular scoring system uses a formula based some fundamental scoring value, usually determined by the racer's time or position:

Combined event scoring systems are typically used for an event which consists of several races, typically (but not necessarily) a specific event held over several days at a single site, such as a special weekend race series or a regional or national USSA championship event.

Handicapping formulas for masters racing typically introduce a handicap factor based on a competitors age to "normalize" times across age classes.

[TO DO: add description of various division season standings formulas -> FW, IM]

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Processing Race Results

Race results are organized as a group of races in a race series (e.g., a series of competitions such as a regional or national championship event or the season race calendar for a USSA masters division). The Race Scoring Tool provides you with operations for defining the events in the race series, loading the results data for each race, and generating results reports which organize the data in various interest groupings.

USSA Alpine Masters ACE Scoring - User's Guide

For detailed information about the timing data file formats from which race results data can be loaded, interested readers can refer to Timing Data File Formats .

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Combined and Season Scoring

Series scoring tools are provided to support a variety of multi-event scoring systems. Combined event scoring is supported based on world cup points, race points, total time standings, "Bernard Cup" age handicapped times, along with the Divisions Cup scoring used at the national championships. A season scoring tool can be provided in customized configurations of the scoring software to support specific division season standings scoring schemes.

USSA Alpine Masters ACE Scoring - User's Guide

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Customizing the ACE Scoring Software

A number of ways are provided to allow the built-in capabilities of the ACE Scoring software to be extended and customized without requiring software updates.

ACE Scoring - Customization

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