US Masters ACE Scoring Documentation

**** NOTE ***
Most of the ACE Scoring user documentation was written back in 2002 with the original release of the scoring tools (originally known as the "Masters Race Scroing Tools"). Most of the material is still reasonably accurate, although a major update revisions is certainly overdue.
Probably the most significant change since the original set of capabilities were released was the addition during the 2012 season of support for loading race results using the standard results XML data files now used for results reporting to U.S. Ski & Snowboard, superseding an older text format used by USSA known as "SkiData". Loading race results into ACE Scoring has been significantly simplified by the switch to FIS XML produced by timing software systems.

Complete user documentation is included when the ACE Scoring software is installed. Online copies of the documentation are provided here for convenience.

ACE Scoring Overview - overview of how ACE Scoring is used in conjunction with timing system software

Installation - US Alpine Masters ACE Scoring - installation instructions and system requirements

ACE Scoring User's Guide - describes how to use the ACE Scoring tools for race and event scoring
Known Problems and Ideas for Future Enhancements

Scoring values - describes various ways of scoring results for alpine masters competition
Scoring system formulas - describes scoring systems supported for alpine masters competition
Timing Data File Formats - details on data interchange file formats for race data